Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Primary Day!

It's primary day in FL! Everybody go vote for my man Ron Paul! Ready set go! Just kidding. I am officially the only one in my fam to vote for Ron, but like I said in my previous post - BFD. It's going to be ok.

As for the dems, I hope Hill beats out Obama. She has more and better experience and with a former President as her First Man, she will have a good sounding board there with her. Also - Barbra for VP!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Snout Tumor Benign!

My baby is going to be ok! The vet called this morning to inform me that the snout tumor was benign, and the surgery got all of it! We are supposed to watch her closely for others and just bring her in as needed. YAY!!! I cannot tell you how relieved I am. I just love that little butthead so much. If you offered up a prayer or a thought for us, thank you soooo much. Hip hip hooray!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Back in Business

I'm back in a book club! Last year, I started a book club with some of my friends in town. It was really fun and we had a good thing going. We would get together at someone's house, eat goodies, drink mimosas, discuss the book, and hang. But then people in the club started getting uppity and making "life decisions." They started doing things like taking out-of-state bar exams, moving away, and popping out puppies. Sure enough, membership dwindled and our little upstart book club petered out. It was sad, but that is the way it goes, I guess.

Then, last month, I was talking to a friend of ours at Gavin's office Christmas party. She also likes to read and after learning of my recent book club breakup, she invited me to be in her book club! At first I thought - maybe it's too soon. The wounds are still fresh and smart a little. But after much contemplation I decided to get back on that horse. Last night was our first meeting, and we discussed Water for Elephants, which incidentally is the last book our club read, but never discussed. Poignant.

Anyway, the meeting was Phat with a capital Ph. I am always looking to meet new friends and I think this is going to be a great experience. The book was also fantastic, and gave us some very interesting stuff to talk about. We also discussed the tv shows we like, and general life. It's so nice to have girlfriends - I miss mine from college soooo much. Yay!

On another note - still haven't heard from the vet about Maddie's snout tumor. I'm afraid to call. Maybe no news is good news? I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cake at work.

It ruffles my feathers. Same goes for doughnuts, muffins, cupcakes, and other delicious treats of that ilk. I appreciate that people like to celebrate milestone events in their lives, like birthdays and Fridays, but I cannot be trusted.

I try - I don't always succeed, but I generally try - to lead a healthy life by working out and eating fruit and vegetables and stuff. But I have a real problem controlling myself around the aforementioned sugary deliciousness. Sure, maybe I can resist first thing in the morning as I'm getting my coffee. I just had some cereal, after all, and coffee is fine for now. But as the day wears on, and it gets to be late afternoon, all bets are off and I'm on that cake like a rat on a cheeto.

Folks, let's make a deal. If there is cake on the premises (or doughnuts, or cupcakes, or if someone just dumps a bunch of snicker bars on the breakroom table for funsies) don't tell me or email me. Allow me to remain blissfully ignorant with my apple and water before it's too late and I'm entering and exiting the office by crane. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Let's get organized, team!

So today I had the day off (yay for Martin Luther King, Jr!). The babies and I snuggled in bed for a little while after Gavin left for work, but then I decided to kick my own butt and do some stuff I have been putting off for a looooong time.

First of all, as of this morning, Gavin and I had two filing cabinets full of crap. Well, mostly crap. The "important stuff" was in there, somewhere - mired in ancient bank statements and college papers and blah blah blah (I used to have a tough time throwing stuff away - I'm over that now.) Long have I wanted to get attack these evil contraptions, but the task just seemed downright insurmountable. Well no more! Today I just said, look -- we're doing this, team. I dumped everything out, parsed through the crap, picked out the important stuff and shredded the rest. Then - get this - I arranged the documents by category, put them in little colorful hanging files (with labels!) and consolidated it into one filing cabinet! This was quite the small personal victory for moi, I cannot even tell you.

Second, I whacked my way through my closet and filled up two hefty bags with clothes to give to Goodwill. I'm getting better at this too. Less is more, folks. Less is more. Lata!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday thoughts

As some of you know, I am obsessed with Dave Ramsey, the financial expert. He has a radio show and a tv show (Fox Business Channel) and he has really kicked our butts into gear financially. Anyway, one thing he says is that you should try to read one nonfiction book a month to learn and to grow as a person. He has a list of books on his website that he recommends so I logged on and am trying to follow this sage advice. Right now I am reading "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" and finding it very interesting. Honestly, if you ever want to get me to do something, tell me that it will help me to grow as a person. It is like shoving a plate of crinkly french fries in my face. I can't resist it.

Yesterday it rained all day and was bitterly cold, so Gavin and I literally did not leave the house. Maddie and Sugarbear really enjoyed having us home and snuggled it up with us all day. Today it is still cold, but has cleared up so I think we'll go to the greenway. Anyway, here are some pics of the fur for your Sunday enjoyment.

Maddie likes to cuddle up inside suitcases. I snapped this picture as we were unpacking when we returned from Italy. Awwww.

As you can see, Sugarbear prefers the "soft flash" setting on the camera to the regular flash.

Friday, January 18, 2008


I want to thank my friends and family for their well wishes and prayers for Maddie! We will get her test results next week but right now she is doing just great. She is trying to milk this surgery thing for all it's worth (smart dog) but my sympathy window is closing rapidly. She was right back to sleeping downstairs last night, where she proceeded to periodically bark loudly at nothing, much to Gavin's chagrin. Back in the routine.

So we don't have any big plans for the 3-day weekend and I'm feeling a little inadequate about that. Last night on the phone, my mom asked, "So tell me what exciting things you have planned!" I was quiet for a few seconds and then responded by telling her that Gavin was grilling chicken, and that would be fun... probably going to do some yardwork and read. Yay! Sad.

For many years during and after college I ALWAYS had something exciting going on - a trip planned, a bachelorette party to go to, a wedding to attend, a party to throw, etc. Now, what with my full time job, marriage, pet-owning responsibilities, and general advanced age, I have little energy to devote to this type of tomfoolery. Don't get me wrong. I still find myself throwing it down on the odd special occasion, but it's much more the exception now than the rule. I'm not sure when this happened, but I guess my Mom didn't get the memo. Something tells me, though, that she is probably relieved to see me settle down.

So, my weekend is looking quiet and my 22-year-old self would be appalled. However, I am envisioning cleaning out my closet and arranging my important paperwork and the sad desperate truth is that I am excited about that. How things have changed.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pupdate II - Conehead

Well my baby Maddie is back home all safe and sound. She came through the surgery ok, although she has a little cone collar and some stitches. The cone collar is really sad - she keeps bumping into things. Anyway, the vet said she should be able to take it off tomorrow as long as she can show us between now and then that she won't abuse the privilege by pawing at her snout. Anyway, keep your fingers crossed and keep praying for her because we get her test results back next week. She is such a little trouper!


Well, I'm back to work today, although I still sound like death. My main concern right now though is my baby Maddie. I dropped her off at the vet this morning for her surgery. While she is under anesthesia they are going to trim her little claws too. She hates that so it's better to do it while she's knocked out. Might as well make hay while the sun shines.

Last night we let Maddie sleep in the bed with us. We usually don't do that, but since I was under the weather and Maddie was set to go under the knife, Gavin relented. She was so good and snuggled quietly all night long. Maddie has always been such a good little buddy like that - if I am sick she won't leave my side. She definitely knows if I am not feeling up to par and gives me extra love and attention. I guess it will be my turn to do the same for her these next few days. I will keep you posted!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Continued illness and other scariness

Still sick. I actually stayed home from work today because it has gotten so bad. I can hardly speak (it's more like croaking - saixxxy) and I have this awful painful cough that sounds terrible. Anyway, I didn't sleep well last night and woke up with a fiery inferno in my throat. Gavin says I tossed and turned a lot. The doctor ruled out strep throat and has called in some prescriptions for me to help me deal. I'll be fine - I fully expect to be in the courtroom tomorrow.

By now you all know my baby Maddie. A few days ago I was snuggling with her and noticed a little bump on her snout. I thought maybe she had gotten a bug bite or something but decided to watch it anyway. It didn't go away, so this morning Gavin took her to the vet and the bump thing is actually a tumor!! The vet said it could be benign or malignant, but because she's still a middle-aged dog (as opposed to flat-out old as dirt) it is more likely benign. The Auburn-educated vet will remove it tomorrow and send it to the doggy pathologist to evaluate. They have to put my baby completely under to do this.

Needless to say, I am freaking out. Dogs are not suppposed to get cancer, and Jack Russells are supposed to be particularly hardy. She's always been so healthy and this is really throwing me for a loop. She hates going to the vet and Gavin said she actually trembled the whole ride over and got upset when he had to leave her there. I don't know how parents of actual human children do it. Anyway, please everyone keep my baby in your prayers!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008


uggghh. I have a throat thing and a congested chest thing. I sound like a man! Everyone feel sorry for me and hope that I get better by tomorrow because I have a very busy week ahead of me. The last two nights I have slept great, but only because of NyQuil, or more specifically "Nite Time" from Publix. Goooood medicine. I'll post an update later...

Saturday, January 12, 2008

90210 Saturday Mornings

I love waking up on lazy Saturday mornings and watching old episodes of Beverly Hills 90210, the high school years. I have seen almost every episode, but only in syndication of course. When the show was in its heyday, I was in the 6th grade and Nikki was a freshman. Dad angrily refused to let us watch it because of the kids having (whisper) s-e-x with each other. I think one day Nikki and I were quietly and surreptitiously watching it and Dad walked in right in the middle of some dialogue replete with sexual innuendo. (This impeccable timing was his skill, his gift.) He was horrified, and stated, and I shall never forget, "NINE-OH-TWO-ONE-ZERO WILL NOT BE WATCHED IN MY HOUSE." Yes, he pronounced the last "0" as "zero." It was devastating. I was bitter for a while because it's all the girls at school talked about, but looking back, he did the right thing. It was kind of racy.
Anyway, I find the show hilarious. The characters that were once so complex and brooding now seem like caricatures of themselves. Here are my favorite aspects:
  1. Such complicated sixteen-year-old lives. Just this morning I watched Brandon grapple with a gambling addiction and a dangerous booky (thank heavens Nat bailed him out) while Kelly simultaneously waged a losing battle against over-the-counter diet pills, winding up in the hospital after collapsing at her 18th surprise birthday party, and Dylan's hair reached previously unattainable altitude.
  2. And the clothes. And the accessories. Wow. Jeans sure have come a long way from those high-waisted, tapered-leg things with braided belts. The occasional token black guys all had loud colorful button-down silk shirts and flat-tops (think Chris Rock, early 90s) and what was with all the double-breasted blazers on guys and girls alike? Scrunchies and velvet chokers.... oh the mems.
  3. The most annoying character/storyline: David Silver and the burgeoning hip hop career. Too cheesy, even for me. Almost unbearable, really, with all the synthesizers.
  4. The washed up careers of the actors. Peaked too soon. And they are all like 12 years older than their characters should be.

Anyway, I guess watching on Saturday mornings takes me back a few years and reminds me of how far we've all come, fashionally. I highly recommend it to anyone in our age group.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My Peeps

I definitely want to use my blog to give a shoutout to my mom and sisters in P'cola! Above, from left, we have moi, Maria, Mom, and Nikki. We have the greatest time together quoting Mom's catch phrases, drinking wine, and cracking racy jokes (we're married!). I love and miss you guys!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Taco-flavored kisses

Well, since I love to blog about the fur in my life, I feel I must mention Taco. First, let's just quit beating around the bush: I love chihuahuas. Anyone who really knows me well knows that I have always longed for a chihuahua of my very own to love and squeeze and name Javier Burgess. Unfortunately, the husband is taking the insane position that 2 dogs is "enough for now" so I talked a friend into getting one for me to play with. Enter Taco. One night over margaritas and tortilla chips (no lie) I managed to convince this friend (who shall remain nameless so her landlord doesn't find out) that she really needed a chihuahua bad and that I would be happy to help her choose one. We went chihua-pping that very weekend and found Taco and I LOVE HIM. I am obsessed with him, actually and make the friend bring him everywhere. It is endlessly fascinating to me that a dog can be that tiny. He's like 4 pounds! I am sooo jealous and I totally want to steal him all the time. Anyway, here are some pics of the happy couple. Enjoy.

This first pic is of Taco and I enjoying some fall tailgating at FSU. Isn't his sweater cute?

Below is Taco watching The Office with me when I babysat him for a few days.

He's so tiny! And I'm so strong.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Scarface Burgess

Well, I guess a blog about the Burgii wouldn't be complete without mentioning the fish. We have a South African Cichlid (more commonly known as an Oscar). And he is a total a-hole. To truly understand how I feel about Scarfy, a little bit of background is in order. When Gavin first moved to Tallahassee in 2002, he decided to purchase a freshwater fish tank so he could enjoy promulgating and observing little communities of fish in his living area. A noble goal indeed. Unfortunately, the tank quickly became known as the "tank of death" because everything he put in it croaked. Tetras? Dead. Guaramis? They ate the Tetras and then died. Even the algae eaters that live only to suck the algae off the sides of the tank kicked it - three of them. First Hoover, then Deuce , then Thrice kicked it. We were beginning to lose hope because you don't even have to feed those things. Honestly, to this day I am not sure what went wrong.
Anyhoo, we eventually purchased some Guaramis that lived through those crucial first few months! I kind of got attached to the little guys. They were fighters but didn't eat each other. I named them Sugar Ray and Killer. Then one day, a friend of ours asked us to adopt his Oscar. We were a little hesitant, but apparently this Oscar had been through a lot and was still alive, so we thought he might deserve a chance. So we took the little guy in. And at the time he really was little.
We learned a lot about Oscars over the next year. First, they eat other fish. I woke up one morning to find Killer's face bitten off and Sugar Ray hiding under a rock I freaked and quickly moved Sugar Ray to a bowl in my desk at work, where I killed him by accidentally dumping Sprite into his tank, but that's another blog. Second, they grow to the size of their environment. So, since we have a 20 gallon tank, the cute little fish quickly grew into Jabba the Hut. People often mistake him for a grouper. Third, they are surly little bastards. If I walk by the tank without acknowledging him, or if he is hungry, he will hurl himself against the lid of the tank or smack the glass with his tail. Once I was feeding him and he splashed about a gallon of water all over me. Once he actually jumped out of the tank and Gavin had to put him back in it.
Anyway, all of this got me to thinking about why people have pets. I love my dogs and they love me back. Scarface just exists to be rude. One thing is true though, he is a survivor. He is over 5 years old now and shows no signs of slowing down. For that I must salute him. And I must say, he is a good conversation starter!

Thursday, January 3, 2008


I want to dedicate this post to my hubby, Gavin. He is the best husband and friend anyone could ever ask for! He is so thoughtful and sweet. For example: It is super duper cold in Tallahassee this week. I mean, this morning the temp was under 30 degrees as we were leaving for work. Without me even asking, Gavin braved the cold and took time out of his routine to warm my car up for me so that the heat would work during my commute to work. I was nice and toasty warm for the whole 5 minute ride. That might not seem like a huge deal, but it's just one example of the many types of little favors Gavin does for me every day just because. I am such a lucky girl! Here is a pic of him in Italy in front of the capital. Ride it, baby!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Back to Liiiiife, Back to Re-alllity...

So the holidays are over. Sad. Back to working for the weekend. However, I must say we made the most of our holiday season. On New Year’s Eve we had a couple friends over to watch the Auburn-Clemson game and to ring in the new year. Maddie hates clothes but she wore her Auburn t-shirt like a champ. I wasn’t going to make her, but it was a tight game. About halfway through the second quarter, she and I looked at each other and we both knew: her team needed her. So she sported the shirt for the rest of the game, and Auburn won in OT! Well worth the sacrifice, right Maddie? Right!

After midnight, Gavin set off some fireworks in the road in front of the house – they were huge! We got them in Alabama a few years ago and I forgot how awesome Alabama fireworks are. I am happy to report that no humans, animals, or trees were injured. Cars? Well… cars are just things. (just kidding – no chattel or real estate was damaged... that we know of).

The weather on New Year’s Day was so beautiful: a little cold but sunny and clear. I went to the greenway, went to Macy’s, read, and cooked black eyed peas while Gavin relaxed and watched football. It was a great day. The good news is that this is a pretty short week, so that will help everyone ease back into the routine. Happy New Year!