Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weekend recap!

So this was a great weekend. I slept in both days, got some yardwork done, hung out with friends, and spent some quality time with the husband!

Friday night we had a big group happy hour at Andrews, which was fun because our pal Joe Grant was in town. I love Joe Grant! He's like my big former-frat-guy-turned-fun-uncle friend. He is starting law school in the fall in Jacksonville but stopped through town to say hey. Here's a pic of Joe Grant at our last Christmas party. He loves singing and Seminole Football. It's true that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Saturday night some girlfriends I went to Two Chez for drinks and chow before meeting up with the boys. It was great, but bittersweet because my friend Mary (Taco's madre) is moving away this week. I have one more outing with her tomorrow night and then she'll be living in Gainesville, getting her LLM in taxation. Yes, yawn. Just kidding! I'm sure it will be scintillating, Mary, like one big year-long suspense novel. Although let me tell you how this one ends: the taxpayer gets screwed. Anyway, the good news is she won't be that far down the road and we have some fun football weekend plans to hatch. Here are some pics from the evening:

Above you will see Mary with the Ocean Breeze Martini. I had to take like three pictures to get one with her eyes open. Another round, please!

Rhonda wasn't ready for her closeup but I decided to post it anyway because I think it's a cute picture of my cute friend. That salad was delicious, btw.

Heather showing off her Pink Razr. It is a cute phone, I admit. Heather is my Auburn fan ally in Tallahassee. We are planning on hitting the road back to God's Country together sometime this fall. Woo hoo!

And finally, I wanted to post some new pics I took of the babies! They are soooo photogenic:

Look at that mug!!!

And this one. This is why she gets away with so much tomfoolery.

I love this one - I mentioned Sugarbear's best friend Sable and her ears perked right up.

So tomorrow it's back to the grind. I'll prob post some pics of my last night out in Tallahassee with Mary, so check back!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Picture it...

.... Pensacola, 1994 through 1998... a high school student comes home from school and watches the Golden Girls every single day with her sister (and roommate) Nikki.

.... Auburn, 1998 through 2002.... a college student comes home from school and watches the Golden Girls every single day with her roommates, Emily, Kristin, Sudan, and Robert.

.... Tallahassee, 2002 through 2004.... a law student comes home from school and watches the Golden Girls every single day with her roommate, Ashley, and their Kato, Sal.

Well guess what. That student was me. And this week, every one of the above named people emailed me to send their condolences about the death of Sophia Petrillo (Estelle Getty) the best Golden Girl ever.
I thought it was funny (laughter through tears of course) that all of these people I lived with remembered fondly my fondness for the show and how I drew them all into it with me. I've always said that the Golden Girls is just a funny show that transcends race, gender, and social background. So, this bud's for Sophia and all the hilarious and sarcastic jokes she cracked. She helped make me the smartass I am today. *(clink)*
Hmm... what else. Well, the babies and I are kickin' it solo tonight, since the man in our family is out of town on business. Sad. We miss him!! Hurry home beeby! He'll be back in time for happy hour tomorrow, so yay!
Think I'm going to do some yardwork this weekend. Maddie has learned how to remove her own collar (not the bark one, the regular one) and I can't find it anywhere in the house. I think she disrobed in the back yard so I might as well trim some weeds while I hunt for it. Stay tuned for updates.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Reviews of the midwest and Cloverfield.

Well, I'm here in the wilds of Cincinnati. Obama was also here today; apparently he follows me from town to town on my business trips.

As expected, no time for a Cincinnati Reds game or a visit to the zoo, or even a night out on the town. I did, however, have time for a lonely singleton dinner at Cracker Barrel. Ha cha cha!

I liked the Cincinnati airport - very clean and efficient. My favorite part? The aviating pig sculpture. See below.

I'm sure there is a story there, but I was a woman on the go, and didn't get a chance to inquire about the huge metal pig with wings and a fuselage growing out of its hindquarters. I certainly did admire it in passing, though. My favorite aspect of the pig was its graceful pose and pointed hooves, like a pig ballerina.

The rental car is great - a red Toyota Rav4 - see below. Nothing wrooong with that.

HOWEVER, I have one major complaint with National rental car company. They gave me a defective GPS that worked fine for about ten minutes, then froze up every two or three minutes thereafter during the forty-five minute drive from the airport to the hotel. This translated into near death experiences every two to three minutes as I careened through downtown Cincinnati rush hour traffic, frantically trying to restart and reprogram the GPS while trying to drive at the same time.

Yes, normally I would pull over. However, I was in a situation where I was on an interstate with nothing but exits leading to other interstates, and no idea where to get off. It was like driving in downtown Atlanta at rush hour, but without the charming southern hospitality. People drive like maniacs.

Well, I generally try to learn from my brushes with death, so here's the life lesson I have gleaned. Always bring backup mapquest directions when traveling in a new and unfamiliar place, just in case your car rental GPS screws you.

I made it, though, and the folks at my hotel are all very nice. I'm actually staying in the 'burbs, which explains dinner at Cracker Barrel, and I have seen farms everywhere. It's very interesting to see new parts of the United States. My only previous experience with the midwest was when I spent a summer working at a tennis camp at the Univ. of Notre Dame, but that was many moons ago, and I spent most of my time on campus.

So, while I'm not planning on leaving the South EVER, the midwest as a region gets a solid thumbs up from Bets. See how I judged a region comprised of 12 states based upon one two-day visit to one city? I am so efficient.

Also, Gavin and I watched Cloverfield the other day. I have resisted renting this movie for a long time because I heard the handheld camera aspect of it can make you seasick. I have to say, though, the movie was pretty good. It was about an alien attack on New York City, and it is told from the perspective of some twenty-somethings with a camcorder. That's all I will tell you, because I don't want to give too much away, but all in all, it was an entertaining movie. It kind of reminded me of the Blair Witch Project. The other movie we rented was Transamerica, which looks very interesting. I'll review that one too, once I get to watch it.

Well folks, I have a big day ahead of me tomorrow (I don't return home until 10 pm) so I should probably sign off and snuggle down. I am reading a really good book right now - Broken For You. It's my latest book from Jana, who is basically my personal library, and it is excellent so far. Thanks J!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Facial Fur

Everyone knows that my baby Maddie is the light of my life. But Maddie has the most peculiar facial fur. Most dogs, like Sugarbear, have normal fur on their faces that reaches a certain length and then stops growing. Not Maddie. She has a beard, mustache, and eyebrows that grow and grow. When I first got her from the shelter, they had grown to frightening lengths. Once, as an experiment, I let her eyebrows grow untouched for a few months, just to see how long they would get. After a few weeks, I swear it looked like she had bangs. When I had to start combing them back and parting them on the side I realized it was time for a trim.

Initially, I would trim Maddie with scissors. When Gavin came into my life, we got an electric trimmer, and he took over grooming duties. I'm not allowed to trim her since that one unfortunate time I cut her snout fur too short (also known as the "needle snout" incident). So basically, I have to wait until he is good and ready to trim her before I see it happen. Anyway, she has been due for a trim for a while, and Gavin finally broke down and trimmed her today. Here are some before and after shots.....

Note the breadth of the mustache here, and the height of the brows.


Great job Gavin! Can't you tell she feels so much prettier? Before you go, one final pic. Here is what Maddie did when I told her it was time for her post-furcut bath, which she hates..... awwww...

I guess she thinks that if she rolls over and looks cute that I won't bathe her. Awww.

So what else... I leave for Cincinnati on Monday, so I'll let you know what I think of the midwest. I probably won't have time to do anything really fun, like see the Reds play or go to the zoo, but I will have a rental car to review. One weird thing: I keep thinking of the theme song to WKRP in Cincinnati.... I loved that show. Anyhoo - see you soon!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

High School Reunion and Scuba Diving

Well, the time has finally come for the Pensacola Catholic High School class of '98 to reunite! This has always seemed so remote but the big event actually happens in just a few weeks. (Above, please note 18-year-old me. Ready to take on the world, armed with ambition, boundless energy, and big bushy eyebrows for protection.)
Well, I've always said that as long as I wasn't really fat, I'd go. I'll make sure to take lots of pics and report the details. I may also post more about this later as the date draws nearer and I start to reminisce and freak out about how time is marching on. I'm surprisingly calm now, but the freak out is inevitable.

So, next topic. Gavin has always said that he would like for us to learn how to scuba dive together. I would love for Gavin and I to have more of the same hobbies, but the idea of scuba diving has always terrified me.

I grew up in Pensacola, going to the beach every weekend and swimming in the ocean amongst our marine wildlife brethren and living in harmony all summer long, so it's definitely not the water that scares me. No, it has always been the idea of swimming deep under the water and being totally dependent on the plastic breathing apparatus and the compressed oxygen that could blow up your lungs if you don't breathe in and out correctly. Admittedly, I'm pretty ignorant about the whole process, and that's obvious, but I know just enough to be freaked out.

Then tonight, my fears were validated by this story on Dateline! This couple went on a diving trip on the barrier reef, drifted away from the tour boat, and were left in the shark-infested waters all night long. They developed hypothermia and started hallucinating! It was just like that movie Open Water, and I finally have justification for all my fears. I think I'll probably always stay on land and boats from here on out. I love validation.
What else, what else. .. So work is picking up - I have two trips planned in the next few weeks - one to Cincinnati and one to Utah - sounds like fun! I love marketing trips! All I have to do is go, dress nice, and be my charming schmoozy self. I'll keep you posted on all that. Ta for now!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

About that last post...

Yeah....I was in a pretty foul mood yesterday when I blogged that last post. I usually try to keep things light and breezy on this blog but yesterday I just needed to vent about the things that p*ss me off and so that's what I did.

The problem is, sometimes I think that complaining is throwing out negative energy, and that's not fair to everyone else. But then, other times, I appreciate when others vent, because I often agree, and think, "Yeah, right on! Thank you for validating my own feelings!"

In any event, today, since I'm feeling more like myself, I decided to blog about the things I like instead of the things I hate, to maintain the karmic balance.

1) Receiving flowers. This is one of my all-time favorites!!

2) Hugs - bring it in for the real thing and don't expect me to do the "back pat" and let go first.

3) Perfume and cologne. ahhhhhh I love it when someone passes by me wearing a great scent. It perks me up and makes me happier, kind of like an olfactory high-five.

4) Lottery scratch-off tickets. I don't play that often, and I don't always win the scratchies, but that split second of "what if" before you start scratchin' is worth the $1 or $2 to me. I've won enough times to validate the hopeful split-second. And it goes to education (supposedly), so all in good fun.

5) Chocolate chip cookies (in any form - including but not limited to cookie cake, cookie bars, and blondies). Nothing in the dessert world tops these things, folks. Nothing.

Well I could list more, but off I must go to bring home the bacon. I hope everyone has a great 4th of July weekend!!! I'll be in touch.... ta!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I Emerge.

Ok, I know I haven't blogged in two weeks, and you are all clamoring for the return of my pithy wit. I won't go into detail, but the fact is that the past two weeks have been trying ones for me and blogging has been the last thing on my mind. I am emerging from my self-imposed seclusion, however, and I live to blog another day.

Ahem. We finished the floors in our living room! They look great and it only took 3 days. With the new paint and new floors, the room looks so much bigger and brighter. I'll have to post some pics when I get around to snapping them.

So get this. I have decided that I love the show Scrubs. I've been watching it for years but only recently have appreciated its quirkiness. I love the janitor, the blonde neurotic female doctor character, Dr. Cox's crazy ex-wife, and the eternal bro-mance between Turk and J.D. One thing I can't stand is the J.D. character. He is over-the-top goofy and annoying (although I do like his Floating Head Doctor daydreams).

Speaking of pet peeves, here is but a short list of mine. I feel like venting.

1) When people say "same difference" when two objects or situations are practically identical. "Same difference" is an oxymoron, ass.

2) When people say "apropos" or get even friskier and say "apropos nothing." What the h*ll does this even mean? I don't appreciate having to google words and phrases just to follow a conversation, so cut that out right now. Terrible.

3) When I'm at the gym, and it's not crowded, so I've chosen a nice isolated elliptical machine where I can sweat and stretch out and rap along to my ipod in complete isolation like a person as white as me should, and someone walks by rows of empty ellipticals just to hop on the one right next to me. WTF. Really? Not okay!

4) The stinky lady at the gym. See number 3.

5) Morning news shows that consist of 90% commercials, 5% cooking demonstrations, 2% news and 3% rushed interviews where people don't get to complete their sentences before cutting to commercials. Really? Are the lingering 5-second shots of the Manhattan skyline at every commercial break really that important that you can't let your guest answer the question you just asked? Rude-ass!

6) When people say "woulda, shoulda, coulda..." Shut the h*ll up-a. Stupid-ass.

7) Hardees commercials. No one likes your burgers. You're not going to sell any. Quit killing my brain cells with your black-and-white artsy shat depicting construction workers fawning over your 100% Angus gruel and then taking huge disgusting bites without a napkin in sight. We all have our strengths - bake your damn biscuits and call it a day.

Ok, well I feel better already - wow! Good to be back - ta!