Friday, March 12, 2010

New picture

Ok, I realize Christmas is over and also that we spawned, so, after being called out for the obsolete header picture by numerous sources, I decided to update.

Of course I have been meaning to do this, but the reason I had not done so is severalfold. First, I have no pictures of Gavin, myself, the shorty, and the fur, all together. It is just too challenging to get everyone looking at the camera, and if I can't get a good shot, I don't want one. So, just like in our Christmas card picture this year, the fur got the boot. See below.

As a side note, it was funny to watch the dogs observe us taking our Christmas card picture without them. As you may or may not know, they hate clothes, and therefore super hate the Christmas card picture-taking process. But I super love dogs in clothes, and animals in clothes in general, so I would win this battle, year after year. In fact, Maddie has been in every Christmas card picture with me, sporting a sweater, since 2002. The first two cards were of just the two of us. Then in 2004 we added Gavin and Sugarbear. I should do a retrospective.... blog for another time.

Anyway, this year, as we took multiple pictures without even attempting to get them in, I could almost see the thought process play out in Maddie's tiny little terrier mind. It went something like this.

"What the frak? We're not in the Christmas card picture! Yayyyyy..... Wait a tic..... we're not in the Christmas card picture.... hmmm." I think this was the moment she ultimately realized things had changed around here. Sugarbear is still oblivious. To everything.

So anyway, I guess in the near future I'll try to get a pic with the whole fam. I will probably need help with this.

Second, Elise is always changing. The above picture is several weeks old and she looks different already. So I'll have to stay on top of this.

Meanwhile, here are some pics of the fur, just to keep them on the page. Happy Friday everyone!

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Ashley said...

I love the new header picture! Such a great one of you guys. And I definitely can see that dialogue going on in Maddie's head. Poor girl. But I love the photo of her and also the one of Sugar!