Thursday, March 11, 2010

Back in the Saddle

So I've been back at work for almost three weeks now! Everything is going very well. Elise loves "school" and I have really enjoyed being back amongst society, where I can litigate with reckless abandon and spread my good cheer to all those around me. You're welcome, world!

Parenthood continues to fascinate. I generally think I'm a good parent. After all, my shorty is a little chunkster, so she is obviously well fed. She's also very healthy (knock on wood) and usually in a pretty good mood. But every so often I get a whiff that I might not be supermom after all.

For example, observe the following transcript of a recent conversation with my sister Nikki, who is a supermom. Note that this conversation took place while I was still on maternity leave. Ahem.

Nikki: So how are things going with Elise?
Me: Great - she is such a fun little buddy.
Nikki: Are you playing all those baby Einstein and Baby Can Read dvd's for her nonstop?
Me: Oooh... no...
Nikki: Why not?
Me: She likes CNBC.
Nikki: Hmm. Well are you playing all those stimulating baby music cd's in your car for her?
Me: No...
Nikki: What does she like to listen to?
Me: Whatever is shuffling on my Ipod.
Nikki: *crickets*

Ok, so maybe I'm not the greatest at remembering to stimulate her mind with the latest and greatest baby stimulating inventions, but I think that early exposure to stock market and commodity analysis as well as all different types of music could be equally beneficial, and that's my theory.

What else. Oh yes. I had to complete some paperwork for Elise's school. It was clear that some of the questions were probably more geared towards parents of older children, but I did the best I could. For example, see the following questions, and my answers.

What are your child's special interests? Breastfeeding, exersaucering, sucking on her hands, looking at her hands, batting things with her hands.

Is she enrolled in a special group? We used to go to a breastfeeding support group once a week.

Favorite toys? Hands.

Favorite TV programs? CNBC.

Favorite foods? Breast milk (body temperature), whatever is on her hands.

How does she play with other children? She sits near them and sucks on her hands.

Do you see where I'm going with this? Elise is 15 weeks old, should she be doing a lot more than the above listed activities? She does other things of course. She smiles and laughs all the time. She sits in her bumbo and/or exersaucer, reaches for toys attached to her exersaucer, and she loves anything that makes noise, but I have to admit, other than that she's still pretty limited. I've read some books, and developmentally we seem to be on track, but still. Things like this make me wonder.

Well, anyway, here's a pic of us last weekend, as we headed out to an equestrian event here in town. Elise had fun looking at the horsies, and Gavin had fun being the kangaroo. Don't send me hate mail, please, I promise we had a jacket for her, which we put on her once we got into the shade. Enjoy!


nikki webb said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA way to call me out on the blog. I only asked because i spent money on that "stimuli" and was hoping you were enjoying them. You know how I like to give good gifts. My kids both listen to LadyGaga and Kei$ha in the car too. Black Eyed Peas "Boom Boom Pow" is the recent favorite... But i appreciate the "supermom" reference. I'll take whatever I can get. Love you!

nikki webb said...

by the way i ADORE the bunny shoes she is sporting...