Thursday, January 14, 2010

Racing the meltdown

Well, the shorty and I went on another shopping excursion yesterday, this time to our normal WalMart and then to Publix. She got her usual amount of adulation, and balance in the universe was restored.

I came to the realization, however, that any outing is nothing but a race against the inevitable baby meltdown.

As it turns out, the attention span of a 7 week old baby is remarkably brief. The length of any nap time is also obnoxiously unpredictable. This should have been foreseeable. But, honestly, when I was pregnant, I had such fantasies of going places, doing things, visiting people, seeing the world (town) with a placid little baby. Erroneous!

Love that girl, though! Enjoy the pic of her in her pink giraffe robe!


Amy said...

Don't forget it either. For some reason when I was pregnant with the Deuce, I was thinking "Why didn't I get out more with the first one?" And I tried it and no matter where or when we try to eat out, one of us eats and one of us holds the baby then shovels down food as the other waves down the waiter like "Bring the check!!! We've got a live one here!" So now when I see other ppl out with their sweetly sleeping babies, I just smile to myself and think "about 5 minutes until that kid melts down!!"

Tanner K. said...

this is the cutest baby on earth. Go to my blog:

Michelle said...

I can not wait until the kid turns 2!!! You'll have to blog twice a day.... muahahahaha!!! The Terrible Twos!!!

Betsy said...

Wait - by the time they're two, they're practically taking care of themselves, right? RIGHT?